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WingsNThings: The Music of Paul McCartney

WingsNThings is a Seattle-based band playing the Music of Paul McCartney. From Sir Paul's Beatles and Wingsclassics, to his later Solo hits, the band covers all phases of McCartney's incredible career. Excellent musicianship, spot-on harmonies, an excellent rapport with the audience, and an incredible catalog of hits to choose from ensures that you will have a great time at any WingsNThings show.

Note that WingsNThings is NOT a "Tribute Band" in the look alike sense. The emphasis is put on what matters: A Celebration of this great MUSIC.

WingsNThings recreates note-perfect renditions of McCartney's biggest hits. From "Hey Jude", "All My Loving", and "Penny Lane" to "Band on the Run", "Live and Let Die", "Silly Love Songs", and all the way to his most recent hits "Dance Tonight", "Sing the Changes", and "My Valentine". If you love McCartney, WingsNThings: The Music of Paul McCartney should be on your bucket list!  WingsNThings: The Music of Paul McCartney has been a favorite at many clubs, casinos, corporate, and city events in the greater Seattle area and in 2018 they were invited to Wisconsin for 2 shows at the Belfry Theatre.

Need an endorsement?


Here's local Beatlemaniac and all around great radio host and friend
MIKE WEST (Host of KZOK's "Breakfast With The Beatles"):

"This past Friday I went to the Historic Everett Theater to see the band 'WingsNThings' perform the entire Wings Kingdome performance that happened 40 years ago to the day.
My Quick Review: Man... WingsNThings... we gave away tickets to this show and I wish everyone could've gone. They did an EPIC job doing the entire show from their spot-on musicianship to the actual horn section to the lasers and the smoke and the whole thing, it was just a flashback. It was like going back in time and these guys are awesome.
So if you've never seen WingsNThings before, I am officially endorsing them now. I highly recommend that you see them."
(Hear Mike's Endorsement) Listen to Mike's Show "Breakfast With The Beatles" on KZOK 102.5 FM EVERY Sunday at 8AM!

The Songs

WingsNThings: The Music of Paul McCartney is not just a "Wings Cover Band". The band performs McCartney's biggest hits from his Beatles days, Wings days, and also his solo years. There are so many songs that every show is a little different than the last.

The Beatles (1964-1970)

All My Loving
And I Love Her
Back in the USSR
Can't Buy Me Love
Drive my car
Get Back
Getting Better
Got to Get You Into My Life
Hello Goodbye
Helter Skelter
Hey Jude
I Saw Her Standing There
I’ll Follow The Sun
I'm Looking Through You
I’m Down
I've Got a Feeling
I’ve Just Seen a Face
Lady Madonna
Let it Be
The Long and Winding Road
Magical Mystery Tour
Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
Ob La Di Ob La Da
Oh! Darling
Paperback Writer
Penny Lane
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
She’s a Woman
The End
We Can Work it Out
When I'm 64
You Won't See Me

Wings & Solo (1972-Present)

Band on the Run
Beware My Love
Call Me Back Again
Coming Up
Dance Tonight
Every Night
Getting Closer
Go Now
Helen Wheels
Hi Hi HI
Jrs. Farm
Let 'Em In
Let Me Roll It
Letting Go
Listen to What the Man Said
Live and Let Die
Magneto & Titanium Man
Maybe I'm Amazed
Medicine Jar
Mrs. Vanderbilt
Mull of Kintyre
My Brave Face
My Love
My Valentine
Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five
Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me)
Ram On
Richard Cory
Rockestra Theme
Silly Love Songs
Sing the Changes
Spirits of Ancient Egypt
Take it Away
Time to Hide
Too Many People
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
Venus and Mars
Wonderful Christmastime
You Gave Me The Answer

2016- Wings Over America Anniversary Highlights

This video is us looking back (during Covid) at a show that WingsNThings: The Music of Paul McCartney staged in 2016 to recreate the Seattle Kingdome show that occurred in 1976. Not all of our shows are staged like this, but this was something special for us. You can see us discussing it here for 20 minutes and then the rest of the video has highlights from each song from the show.

Wings Over... EVERETT???

show poster

In 2016, WingsNThings: The Music of Paul McCartney performed the ENTIRE 1976 Wings Kingdome Show at the Historic Everett Theater. The brainchild of Marc Montagnino, this celebration tried to recapture (40 years - to the night and minute) the fun of that show, but on a much smaller scale. Obviously, we don't THINK we are Wings, but to reproduce this show was a labor of love for the entire band. Backed by Krause Productions, we were able to really put on a very cool show! To the best of our knowledge, we are the only act out there to attempt this.

We brought in a horn section, lasers, smoke bombs, fog, sets, lights, and original film of Wings from that legendary show. We also recreated a lot of the same video backdrops used at the Seattle '76 show and even recreated a similar program to the ones that were sold way back then. Then we ran down the complete set from "Venus and Mars/Rockshow/Jet" to "Soily". Wings Over America fans know what we're talking about!

We DID reach out to former Wings Denny Laine and Denny Seiwell, but we couldn't make it work out unfortunately. Tons of rehearsals later, we had a reasonable facsimile of the original show and we took it to the Historic Everett Theater. It was obviously a special show for the band as we're still talking about it a few years later. Hope you were there!

Here is a clip from the show!


WingsNThings Is...

Marc Montagnino


MARC has been involved in the Seattle music scene for over 20 years, contributing his drumming and vocal talents towards a multitude of local bands and music projects, including Beyond the Fringe, Max Axle and Tony La Stella's Wise Guys. His ability to play a wide variety of drumming styles as well as his eclectic combination of powerful precision, vocal abilities and stage presence has earned MARC a successful place in the local music industry as one of Puget Sound's most versatile and talented drummers. MARC brings his own unique talents and his excitement for Paul McCartney's music to WingsNThings. MARC and BRYAN had always wanted to play together but had a difficult time getting their schedules to coincide. Together, they conceived the WingsNThings project and proceeded to recruit each of the other members to make sure that it was the best live band it could be.

Bryan Woolley

BRYAN WOOLLEY: Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Mandolin

BRYAN has been a fixture in Seattle bands for most of his life and has for the past 17 years been the lead singer and front man of the popular Casino/Corporate/Club/Festival band The Machine. Always a Beatle/McCartney nut, he jumped at the chance to play in WingsNThings when Marc Montagnino approached him about the concept. Along with Co-lead vocalist ARNY BAILEY, BRYAN fronts WingsNThings: The Music of Paul McCartney and also Borrowed Time: The Music of STYX. He is also rumored to have some involvement with Third Stage: A Tribute to Boston, but these rumors can neither be confirmed nor denied. Between he and ARNY, they keep things fun for the band and audience.

Arny Bailey

ARNY BAILEY: Lead Vocals, Bass, Ukulele

ARNY cut his vocal chops on everything from early country to Led Zeppelin. His seemingly limitless vocal range and multi-instrumentalist abilities have allowed him to play when and where he'd like. While continuing to front About Face and The Rockafellers (and sitting in with whoever needs a hired gun), ARNY used his vocal and guitar skills with The Grand Delusion (Styx Tribute) and Highway Run (Journey Tribute) a few years ago. After those two bands folded, ARNY created another Styx project (Borrowed Time: The Music of Styx), and is currently that band’s guitarist and co-lead vocalist with BRYAN WOOLLEY.

Ron Smevik

RON SMEVIK: Lead Guitar, Vocals

RON performed for 10 years in the duo known as Sam’n Ella, before forming the gourmet classic rock band The Rockafellers in 2003. The Rockafellers specialized in performing “The Wall” by Pink Floyd and performed at many outdoor concerts in the Seattle area.  A “Wings” fan for life, RON revels in bringing the guitar stylings of Jimmy McCulloch to a new generation of fans.

David Shore

FERNANDO LUNA: Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals

Welcome our newest member! Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, FERNANDO moved to New York and started taking piano lessons at age 6 and then he was given a Beatles album at age 11 and everything changed. While studying piano and composition at the Conservatory of Music in Argentina he still secretly plunked out Beatles/Paul McCartney tunes on the guitar and the piano. By the early 80s he was playing bass and singing in local bands in Buenos Aires, Dallas, Texas and here in the Pacific Northwest. He currently also appears with Stonesy: a Tribute to the Music of The Rolling Stones as well as in The Foot Stompers Trio contributing bass, keyboards, and vocals. A particularly obsessed fan of the Beatles and Paul McCartney, he is excited to share his favorite music with a live audience.

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*WingsNThings is not affiliated or sanctioned in any way shape or form with Paul McCartney, The Beatles, or anything else. I mean, Duh, c'mon. It's just fer fun!